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What are your favorite 3 books so far?

Since you're quickly approaching 300 episodes of Founders, what are your favorite 3 books so far?

What are the 5 most popular episodes of Founders so far?

If you keep data on which episodes of Founders are downloaded the most, what 5 episodes have been the most popular so far?

Will you release a book, or ebook, of Founders Daily transcripts?

Thanks for providing a transcript for each Founders Daily episode. Will you eventually release a book, or ebook, of those Founders Daily transcripts?

Readwise practice routine?

You touched on this in your Modern Wisdom interview but any more details would be great. Do you set up themed reviews, do you weigh frequency toward more recent or older highlights, etc.?


Of all the people you’ve covered, which few would you consider to be the best strategists and why?