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It is never too late...

There was a study last year that showed that the likelihood of success as a founder increases with age until the 60 years old, with a 50 year old twice as likely to succeed as a 30 year old. Who are your favourite 'late developer' founders?

Go big or keep small?

There seems to be quite few examples of founders looking back with fondness at the time when their company was small, and Paul Graham stating they would keep the company as small as possible (employees not revenues). Why do you think this is, for instance is this for professional (eg control), personal (eg family) etc reasons?

How to tell great stories?

How do you decide which stories to tell? You do an incredible job of weaving stories together. Do you have an objective for each episode - in terms of which stories you want to share to illustrate the most powerful lessons? Reason I ask- I have a podcast (ep 185) and I am finding myself discussing the same principles and thinking I may be boring my audience. But when I listen to founders, I see the same principles with different stories and it’s fascinating. Any suggestions on storytelling to keep an audience engaged would be great. Thanks Shane

Average Age

Even if any story is highly individual, in your opinion whats the average age of successfull founders / leaders, when their steady effort is clearly paying off and the spinning wheel is starting to gain serious traction?

Thank you!

Appreciate answering my question. It’s helpful to frame the thinking behind it. Does it interest me? Moving army. And can I help and add value. Thank you David Shane