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How to apply knowledge

Multi ad scientiam pervenissent si se illuc pervenisse non putassent. Presume not too much upon a bright genius, a ready wit, and good parts; for this, without labor and study, will never make a man of knowledge and wisdom. So as Isaac Watts would say learning about all these founders makes you a good historian, but we cannot forget about that next step. Having the knowledge is one thing, but being able to use the knowledge is another. What tips or advice do you have on how to display or use all the gathered knowledge we have? To add additional context, I just started my first job and see a lapse between my role and what I know I am capable of doing. How do I navigate this? Would also be interested in hearing your advice for other stages of the workforce (1st time founder - late executive in the corporate world).

No new episodes?

Hi David. I have not seen any new episodes since 30 October. Any update you can share with us? Thanks!