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Hiring Process Parallels

Hey David, just listened to your latest Steve episode where we talked about his mentality of finding great people by "looking at great results" and finding out who's responsible. Just wondering if you could share some parallels between other founders on specific strategies they deployed for their hiring processes?

Aspects of Laws and Regulations

I remember you read a book and it talked about franchising , (Dunkin Donuts?) and how at the time it was considered a fraud. Also you read One from Many with Dee Hock and you mention chapter 16? The Onion was good to read up on about cryptocurrencies. Any books you recommend to study more to learn about navigating industries that seem fraudulent in the past. Industries that seemed scammy and fraudulent at first, but then became legitimate. (or if not legitimate if thats the case.)

If the story of the son is studying the father, as a father, how can I influence the story of my son better?

Knowing what you’ve studied and read on some of these founders (thinking Ed Thorpe as a model founder) - how are you thinking about being the role model to your kids? I can see my story was heavily influenced by my dad (I wanted to do the exact opposite of him). That has motivated me and served me well. But I want to be a positive influence on my 3 kids. What traits would you emphasize teaching your kids? My son is seven and girls are 10 and 12. I try to model the actions o want them to take. I’m trying to do the best I can to share my values and principles with them. Would be interested in getting your thoughts David. Thanks

Thank you!

No question. Just a statement. I love your work. I had read many of these books but the breadth and insight of your podcasts has become my new interest. Thank you so much. Mike Poland

Bloomberg - Following the How

Hi David, One of my favorite episodes is the one on Michael Bloomberg. Not focusing on the 'what' too much (data company), but are there other founders who have followed the same 'how' as Bloomberg? Creating a product, using that product and increasing the value of the product as newer innovations come out. In the case of Bloomberg, you have the financial data, the news source and now going into AI. Best, Sean Duffy Product Manager,