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Maxims, proverbs, aphorisms, adages, truisms

I've heard you reference many sayings/quotes throughout the podcast. Here are a few I've jotted down: "actions express priority" "excellence is the capacity to take pain" and "successful people listen, those that don’t listen don’t last long." I was wondering if you have a list of these that you could share with us. If not, what are some of your favorite sayings that you try to live by?

Will you go to Berkshire annual meeting?

If so, would be great to have some kind of get-together!

Book Rec: Twiggy by Andrew Burrell

Hi David, I think you will enjoy this book about Andrew Forrest. Australia's richest man who built the world's 4th largest iron ore producer in the early 2000s.

Breaking into podcasts

Hi David, I am a big fan, my regret is being on this journey alone without your advice of which books to read. I am as you have said about Patagonia's founder a reluctant founder. In my spare time (limited as it), I have become increasing more interested in doing my own podcast. I don't want to give away the secret sauce on a public venue but I am not in your space! What I would appreciate some guidance from someone who has blazed the path before is, how do I increase listeners, sure i could spend thousands with google but what was your secret if i could be so bold? Keep up the good work K

Access to Notebook

David, you have referenced searching your notes on episodes. How do I do that? Keep up the good work!