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Best Podcasts

Thank you for suggesting the Game Craft podcast which was great! Other than ILTB and Hardcore History, do you have any other podcasts you recommend? Thank you

Book for Life

Let's say your children are about to go off to college. Which 5 books would you give them to help them understand how the world really works and how to succeed in life. For me it would be: All I want to know where I'm going to die so I never go there Seeking Wisdom: from Darwin to Munger Poor Charlie's almanac How to win friends and influence people Lessons from History Thank you

Munger and life’s work?

Just listened to the AMA with Munger. I loved your comment on finding your life’s work and going all in. So here is my question (it may take me a second to articulate). My passion is around real estate investing - specifically new developments. I share my lessons and experiences and insights freely in a podcast and on social. What I struggle with is - am I sharing trade secrets that will encourage competition? Am I being foolish for sharing too much? At what point do you cross over to sharing too much? Ex - sharing investing principles and philosophy’s makes sense. There is nothing proprietary. Then, I hear about Rockefeller and Carnegie who were far more secretive in how they did business. I get it’s a choice. But would like to hear your thoughts. There is some upside (biz wise) from sharing. But if I’m honest with why I do it- it’s because I feel good doing it. My business partners feel I share too much and think it’s not the right approach. I’d be interested in your opinion on this. Pros and cons. Thanks Shane

Making the leap

What are common themes in the time right before a future founder quits his or her job to start a company? What leads to that decision? For myself, I know that deep down I am a builder, but I haven't made the leap yet from a stable, high-paying job.

Question about your readwise

Would it be possible to get an export of your Readwise exports?