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Founder of Luxottica

An incredible podcast subject would be Leonardo del Vecchio, an orphan from Dolomites who created a vertically integrated empire that has dominated the sunglass industry. A biography on him was released right before his passing late in 2022.

What are your 6 "favorite" founder quotes?

David Oglivy and Charlie Munger, to me, have some of the most *meaningful* and *memorable* quotes for success in business and in life. In the work you've compiled so far, what are *your* favorite founder quotes for business(3) and life(3)? Thanks!

Founders Lifelong Relationships

I’ve noticed in so many of the biographies you’ve shared and recommended on the show is that the founders not only enjoyed a successful career, but also, a successful lifelong relationship with their mates (husbands or wives). Please list a few (2 or 3) of your favorite husband and wife stories of successful founders. How important of a role does this dynamic play into the success of a company? Please share five (5) maxims that you learned from your book reading about relationships that could help us husbands and are wives be as prosperous. Thank you.

Books In a Barrel

In 1833 Abraham Lincoln discovered in the bottom of a barrel a complete edition of Blackstone’s Commentaries on Law; and started to read. And the more he read the more interested he became. He read until he had devoured all four volumes. Then he made the momentous decision: he would become a lawyer. (Excerpt from Lincoln The Unknown by Dale Carnegie.) My question(s). What is a book? What is it about a book that makes it so magical that it can cast a spell upon a person and change their life? (Like it did Lincoln’s.) Could you please share a few stories about a founder discovering (reading) a book(s) that resulted in a notable change to their life. Thank you.

The Thinker

The Thinker is a bronze sculpture by Auguste Rodin (1904): a man just sitting and thinking. Wherever you go in this world, you NEVER see people just sitting and thinking. People are ALWAYS plugged into some kind of device. How little we value the real estate of our own mind, it seems. A quote you often share, that I often ponder: My whole life has been trying to teach people that intense concentration for hour after hour can bring out in people resources that they didn’t know they had. - Edwin Land Brilliant advice. Could you please share five (5) founders whom are thinkers. What five (5) faces could you easily see on the head of The Thinker? Thank you.