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Best founder led business

If you had to put 100% of your net worth in one founder led company and couldn’t sell for 20+ years, which company would this be and why?

5 best history books

I believe you mentioned you have studied history for a long time. What are your five favorite history books?

Best Podcasts

Which podcasts (other than Founders and ILTB) would you recommend for listeners interested in business and history?

Best (non Founders) Books

What are your top 5 (non founder related) books (i.e. great books which you don't discuss in the Podcast as they don't relate to founders).


Will you be providing transcripts of all your Founders episodes? It would be great if you could. Transcripts of (some but not all I think?) episodes can be found on Colossus, but it's hard to search for specific episodes. Thank you