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If you could just read 5 books over and over again for your life - which 5 books would you pick?

Considered interviewing favorite founders?

Many of your favorite books were written by people still living & who have been guests on other podcasts. Have you ever wanted to, or considered reaching out to the likes of James Dyson/Ed Thorp/ Richard Branson/Paul Orfalea, etc. and ask if they’d be a guest? Or would that be taking away from the core focus of what you are building?

Show growth?

I’ve been hearing more and more about Founders recently from multiple different friends and peers. How would you characterise the show growth to date, including any growth strategies that have worked well and any gut feels around why the show has grown?

What are the most common patterns that you’ve uncovered?

After reading so many biographies you’re in a unique position to provide unique insights on commonalities between successful founders. I think an episode dedicated to that would be great.

Why is Founders Daily not good enough?

Keen to understand why you believe Founders Daily is not good enough and why Podcasts are not well suited for 1-2min episodes?