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why are there so few Healthcare Founders featured?

David.. I am founder of and no doubt like many before me have come late to your podcasts to find my tribe!.. but I do wonder why there are so few ( none) true founders disrupting in healthcare.... I have my own thoughts which I am happy to share but thought I would move from silent listener to lifetime member and ask you.. My email is

When do Opposites work?

Hi David Thanks for your work. I've made a thread on your work on X at @thegrantdotco. I searched the questions already asked and didn't see this one in there. When have you noticed contradictions of principles between companies and yet the two different, conflicting principles actually both work? For example Peter Thiel makes sure people have ONE THING to work on and similarly Jeff Bezos has "single threaded leadership" but Jobs did the opposite and Apple is divided by functional groups not product groups which severely limits the number of products possible but tends to increase the quality of the products. What other contradictions have you noticed between founders? And when is it better to apply one vs. the other? You often point out when two founders have said the same thing. But it might be equally instructive to learn when the opposites apply. This is similar to conflicting maxims. Early bird gets the worm but second mouse gets the cheese.

The Human Tech Stack

I'm working on a White Paper which I will use to launch my podcast (already making an internal one for my company, I'm the CEO of an early stage--but funded--AI Startup). The paper will be titled, "The Human Tech Stack" and will focus on evaluating the ages of human history through the lens of truly disruptive and foundational technology. I've included a link to a GoogleDoc where I've consolidated dozens of pages of notes, research, sketches, and ideation into a simple grid. I'm soliciting feedback b/c I am an adaptive fellow (its one of my superpowers) and until I publish I will ruthlessly edit my ideas,. All that to say, this isn't yet perfected content, but I didn't pull these ideas out of my ass either, there is substance here. My question is more of a request for input and feedback. I consume a LOT of podcasts, and you may be my favorite, I respect your opinion and would absolutely love to get you to weigh in on this. Even better than an email would be a call to beat this up, I have been told I have infectious energy and I think it would be a fun convo even for someone as impressive as yourself :) Check me out on LinkedIn to get a feel for my vibe and approach first if you would like. Anyway, this is the main reason I signed up for AMA, to hopefully get to interact with you, hope that's not too forward. Thanks for reading and I look forward to connecting and/or getting your feedback. Most interested in your opinion on the approach, the age splits, the foundational technologies and if you think I'm missing any, and the criteria by which we are evaluating them. P.S. It may sound ridiculous but I honestly don't care about how I look. I believe you will be making one of your pods about me some day. That's what I'm about and I don't fuck around :)

Which Founders Mastered The Art of Setting Incentives Right?

Hi David Charlie Munger once said: “I think I've been in the top 5% of my age cohort all my life in understanding the power of incentives, and all my life I've underestimated it. And never a year passes but I get some surprise that pushes my limit a little farther” Mastering the art of setting incentives implies a profound understanding of human nature and organizational behavior, i.e. leveraging the team's potential in an optimal way and getting things done. Among the hundreds of founders you have studied and based on the incentives they set in their company/organization, which are the top 3 founders (excluding Charlie Munger) in terms of setting incentives in their organizations in order to achieve their ultimate key objectives ? Thanks Kevin Martelli

What tools do you wish existed for the Founders podcast?

I’m obsessed with podcasts. Their current and future impact on my life and society is massive. I’m focused on making products that improve the podcast creation and listening experience. Here are two products I’ve made so far: - lets you sign in with your spotify and quickly find links mentioned from podcasts you listen to. I use this to go back and find material mentioned in Founders all the time. - create digitally authenticated RSS feeds, allowing users to verify authors, feeds, and enable digitally native payments. I want to allow podcast creators to have complete ownership over their body of work. Founders is a living, breathing, body of work and I want to help it unlock even more potential. What tools or products do you wish existed that would help make the Founders podcast even more world class? - Erik